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Mercuric Chloride

Mercuric Chloride

Mercury chloride is the chemical compound with the formula Hg2Cl2. Also known as calomel (a mineral form, rarely found in nature) or mercurous chloride, this dense white or yellowish-white, odorless solid is the principal example of a mercury compound. Mercuric Chloride is for sale at safepharmastore.com which is a leading mercury chloride manufacturer .

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Mercuric Chloride for sale online

Mercury chloride (HgCl2). A highly toxic compound that volatizes slightly at ordinary temperature and appreciably at 100 degrees C. Mercuric chloride is corrosive to mucous membranes and used as a topical antiseptic and disinfectant.

MERCURIC CHLORIDE is an odorless white crystalline solid. Density 5.4 g / cm3. Melting point 277°C. Slightly volatile at ordinary temperatures. Can be sublimed unchanged. Corrosive to the mucous membranes. Toxic by inhalation (dusts, etc.), ingestion, and skin absorption. Used in photography, disinfectants, wood preservatives, fungicides.


Certificate of Analysis of MERCURIC CHLORIDE 98 %Product Name: MERCURIC CHLORIDE 98%
molecular formula: HgCl2
Weight: 271.50
Art NO: AL2460
Batch No: AL2460 – MERC
Manufacturing Date:Aug 2017
Expiry Date: Aug 2022
Shelf life: 5 years

Sr No Tests Specifications Results
1 Description White crystalline powder White crystalline powder
2 Assay (Min.) 98.0% 99.73%
3 Calcium (Ca) <0.005% 0.0006%
4 Magnesium (Mg) <0.005% 0.0006%
5 Potassium (K) <0.005% <0.005%
6 Sodium (Na) <0.005% <0.005%


Results: The above product complies with LR grade

Certificate of Analysis of MERCURIC CHLORIDE AR 99.5 %Product Name: MERCURIC CHLORIDE AR 99.5%
molecular formula: HgCl2
Weight: 271.50
Art NO: AL2463
Batch No: AL2463 – MERC
Manufacturing Date:Aug 2017
Expiry Date: Aug 2022

Sr No Tests Specifications Results
1 Description White crystalline powder White crystalline powder
2 Assay (Min.) 99.5% 99.73%
3 Ether insoluble matter <0.01% 0.008%
4 Water insoluble matter <0.01% 0.006%
5 Non-volatile matter <0.02% 0.01%
6 Residue after reduction with formic acid <0.02% 0.01%
7 Nitrate (NO3) <0.001% 0.0008%
8 Calcium (Ca) <0.001% 0.0006%
9 Copper (Cu) <0.0005% <0.0005%
10 Iron (Fe) <0.001% 0.0006%
11 Lead (Pb) <0.0005% <0.0005%
12 Magnesium (Mg) <0.001% 0.0006%
13 Potassium (K) <0.005% <0.005%
14 Sodium (Na) <0.005% <0.005%

Results :
 The above product complies with AR grade

Uses of Mercuric Chloride

Used in Sugar Mills, dry-batteries; preservatives; disinfectant; organic synthesis; analytical reagent; metallurgy; tanning; catalyst for vinyl chloride; sterilant for speed potatoes; fungicide; insecticide and wood preservative; embalming fluids; textile printing; dry batteries; photography; process engraving and lithography. It is always available with us in ready stock at very reasonable price.

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